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Sail Training Traditions and Events

  • Youth Sail Training


  • Adult Sailing Classes: These are the core functions of Sail Training Foundation:

To teach sailing to everyone in the community, starting with the very basics for youngsters of age 8 and up, teenagers and adults and providing progressively advance instruction for those desiring it – up through the racing rules and tactics, high performance dinghies, and introduction to larger cruising vessels.

  • Thursday evening races TGIT is a stalwart activity of the Club, having gone on for 60 Years or so. It began with the Club members racing the STF Prams and morphed into weekly races around the buoys in the Inner Bay; open to” anyone with a boat capable of navigating the course”. Scoring is by Portsmouth Handicap and members of the yacht club are eligible to race in sail Training Foundation boats.


  • Chili Supper An STF Function, the chili supper began as a winter (late February) event to raise money for the Sail Training Foundation. It was held in conjunction with a broom-hockey tournament on the ice (remember ice?) between the Club and the South Pier of SBYH. In later years, it has moved to later April as an adjunct to the Irving J. Phreazemhitaile Memorial Regretta marking the start of the small-boat racing season – and the start of sign-ups for the STF classes.


  • Spaghetti Supper Another STF institution, the chili Supper was started to (a) recognize the award trophies of the junior sailors, and raise money for the program.


  • Awards Dinner The annual SBYC Race Committee event to present trophies and recognition to the winners of the TGIT race series. GBYA Race winners, and the two SBYC-sponsored “big boat” races:  the Harry Purington Race, and the Green Bay Island Race, and (if held), the little Green Island Race for dinghies.

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