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Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club Traditions and Past Events

  • Change of Watch

  • New Membership Drive and Open House

  • New Member Welcoming Party- may tie in with burning of the Socks in Spring

  • Burning of the Socks. If on Memorial Day weekend, Taps and Cannon Salute

  • Blessing of the Fleet

  • Maritime Week – A celebration hosted by the City of Sturgeon Bay, USCG, Maritime Museum, SBYC/STF

       SBYC Participation
              A. USCG Wives Breakfast
              B. Mariner & USCG Persons of the Year Awards Dinner
              C. Dingy Poker Run
              D. STF Youth Sailing Demo
              E. Afternoon BBQ and Lawn Games
              F. Boat Parade- Venetian Night
              G. Open House Buffet and Fireworks

  • Kentucky Derby Party- Mock Horse Auction, ladies’ hats, men’s attire all for prizes plus mint juleps.

  • Tuesday Ladies Luncheon

  • Halloween Party

  • Lunch with Santa

  • Christmas Party

  • New Year’s Eve Party

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