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Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club

In house dining and take out food available at SBYC during  COVID-19 pandemic. 


Thursday Choice of Meatloaf or Fried Chicken or Pub Dinner: 5:30pm-8:30pm 

Friday and Saturday Dinner:  5:30pm - 8:30pm

Call 743-6934 to Place Your Order 


Wine and Beer Available (closed caps)

Pick it Up or Call on Arrival for Curbside Service

  • How?  Call the club at 920.743.6934 and order from the attached menu.  It includes all of your favorites from the regular lunch and dinner menus.  You’ll be told when your food will be ready—typically about 30 minutes—and then you can either come into the foyer to pick it up or call from your car to have your selections delivered curbside. 


  • Essential?  If you’re on the job, treat yourself and your colleagues to a catered meal from SBYC; the same system described above applies. 


  • Thirsty?  Add a bottle of wine, mixed drink, or a six-pack of beer to your order.  Small bottles of liquor and the mix can be sold and take to the curb.


then we bring it home and enjoy it in our own dining room. As Yacht Club members, you have that option, either for lunch or dinner when the Club is open. While many of us aren’t quite ready for restaurant dining, we can still enjoy Chef TJ’s great meals.


Just call 743-6934, leave your order and set a time to pick it up . . . they’ll even bring to out to your car."


The Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club Sail Training Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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