Club Hours: Lunch served Wed- Friday from 11:30 to 1:30; Dinner Fri & Sat  Bar opens 5pm, dining from 5:30  to  8:30

Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club

Serving You On The Water Since 1905.                         44° 49' 33.4769'' N   87° 22' 19.5884'' W  


Commodore:           Jon Kruse

Vice Commodore:    Elaine Carmichael

Rear Commodore:   Al Steiner

Secretary:                Lutie Allen-Voreis

Judge Advocate:      Dick Hauser

Treasurer:                Jon Kruse

Past Commodore:    Deb Kortbein


Tim Graul

Ann Herrbold

Sandy Johnson

Sandy King

Terry Riker

Mark Pudlo